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    Question Going to College


    I am about to graduate from high school and am looking at where to go and I really cant decide.
    I will be applying to Carnigie-Mellon and the Rochester Institute of Tech probably but I would like anybodies opinion on who has the very best computer science degree


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    What do you want to study when you say computer science?
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    Also depends on where your from. If you live around the St. Louis area your going to want my school. Ranken Technical College

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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Nah...they don't accept too many people...I'd consider Wentworth Institute of Technology...they're pretty good and their tuition is around 15k a year + 9k room and board if u live there. Just stay away from Proffessor Tim Johnson if u can. Take professor Sabinin, Dilwali Quazi, and Ali Khabari. They're the best professors there IMO from the classes I took there. If u go for computer science, stay as far away as possible from Durga Suresh, unless you like extremely fast paced classes where you do not learn jack **** and the teach is obsesed that all the student do is stare at her ass.

    Good Luck.

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    Depends on what type of education you want.

    Do you want to get a 4 year degree just specializing in a field of Computer Scince Like programming, networking, Systems Design etc, or do you want to get a liberal arts education with computer science or IS in there?

    For just concentrating on a specialty in Computers Devry is a good school. Devry is a big prgramming and networking/telecommunications school. Not a lot of classess there that aren't something to do with Computers. Other colleges like State Universities etc, you will find that you will have to take many other classess besides your core computer classes such as World Literature, History, psychology etc before you really begin to get into yor upper level classess.

    Just all depends on what you want to do.

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