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    I just download Knoppix my first linux os to play around with, but i am having some trouble i downloaded it off of linuxISO.org so the program is a ISO file. I read somewhere before i burn it i must change it to a data image file. Can someone explain to me how to do this??

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    ISO files are direct images of CDs... all you have to do is burn the ISO image's contents onto a CD... be sure you are burning the contents of the ISO, not the ISO file itself... most decent burning programs will recognize it and ask you which you want and then all you do is boot up, change your BIOS settings to boot from CD and throw the CD into the drive and reboot and you're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Linux. =P

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    The simplest, easiest and fastest solution for burning ISO's (I assume you're using Windows to burn the ISO): ISO Recorder.

    Download it, install it, and a new option ("copy image to CD") will be added to your right-click menu.

    Right-click the ISO, select "copy image to CD" and let it burn!

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