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    College Help

    Well guys, I am in need of help again. This time it might be a little easier though. I am in need of ideas. In my English Comp I had to pick a topic for all of my papers throughout the entire year. Of course I picked computer science. Well, I have already completed three papers, and am now working on my forth. My forth paper is a research paper, eight page min. So I need alot to talk about. The topic I chose in general is Viruses. But, I am haveing troubles finding food websites to give me any ideas on how to narrow it down. I need something specific about virus to focus my paper on. At first, I was thinking about why people write viruses, but that didnt turn out a good idea, cuz lack of information.
    Also, after I get a nice topic I might end up posting a poll and use that in my paper as a survey. Anywayz, Thanks for any ideas and information.


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    You might change perspectives. Why do people get viruses? Why are viruses so prevalent? What could be done to educate the average home user about viruses? Why don't people make the effort to avoid viruses, take the basic steps to avoid them? There's even been congressional discussion about making home users responsible if their computer passes on a virus. Try going at it from that angle.
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