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Thread: Data recovery, what's it worth?

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    Data recovery, what's it worth?

    Hi all, first off I'm not an IT person, I am a tech who has become the default network admin, since the store I work for doesn't have one. Most of my work revolves around cleaning malware infested PC's and occasionally installing and configuring new PC's.
    Anyway today the office secretary comes to me and says she accidently erased an Excel spreadsheet that was very important from a floppy, this was the only place that the file was stored (I've told the office people many times that they need to make backups of critical files but it generally falls on deaf ears). So....... I bring the floppy home, purchase R-Studio and am able to recover the lost data (Very important data that I shouldn't be privy to). So I've restored the data and made the store a back up. What's it worth? Didn't find much on the web except for looking for a direct quote. What's fair?

    edit: What I'm aking is. If I were to take this disk to company "A" and say please recover my data for me, what would it cost.

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    Im not sure what you're asking, if the data is important than the data is worth all the work .. ?
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    some charge $200-400 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours....depending on the work. It also varies greatly from one place to the other, but be prepared for the bill . I've charged a flat rate of $150 to a customer for recovering a HDD.

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    Straight labour about 60 per hour ($110) on top of that is the materials (media and software) and overheads (rent, light, heat, insurance etc.)

    It is a bit like taking your auto to the garage..............they will charge $200, but the mechanic might only charge $100 if he came round to your place and did the job privately.

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    Are you just wondering out of curiosity, are they offering to pay you or are you planning to ask? If you ask too much they'll be pissed off and if you ask too little they won't worry about deleting stuff in the future because they have you to save them

    I know here, one of the users had a panic job done that cost about $400 to get two word files.
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    Thanks for the replies, they offered to reimburse me the cost of the software and an hours pay. Not too bad and it beats fixing cars, the shop's been slow so I get to learn and make a few bucks at the same time.

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