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Thread: good wireless cards for *nix

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    good wireless cards for *nix

    what are some good wireless cards that i should get for my laptop that will be well supported? i would like a combo card that supports a/b/g...if thats almost impossible then id like one that supports b/g...then just g at the last. I know the cisco aironet cards are nice but the prices arent...but im afraid i might fork out the $110 to get it. Any other solutions? Does lucent or prism make cards that will do a/b/g or just b/g?

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    well, i know it is hard to get a 802.11G card to work, but the prism cards are the ones which are best supported. you also need one of those when wanting to use airsnort.

    i have a intel 2200BG PCI card in my notebook, and although it works fine with the ndiswrapper, i still have trouble getting it to work with WEP.

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