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Thread: DDOS attack types against M commerce

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    Question DDOS attack types against M commerce

    Hi Guys
    I was wondering what could be possible DdOs attacks that could bring down a mobile carrier...

    Is it possible to use mobiles to launch DdOs attacks ?

    What could be the possible attacks except umm attacking radio frequency ??


    p.s. I have a project to work on...questions are based in that project so i thought of getting some information here....

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    The 802.11x protocol is attackable to create a DoS using a single computer. The protocol allows for the Access Point to tell a computer to disassociate from it, (usually because the signal is weak IIRC). If this is done to a computer that is not in range of a stronger signal the computer will go through the associate procedure with the original WAP. Thus, if a piece of software on the attacking computer spoofs the MAC address of the AP and sends 802.11x disassociate messages to all the computers attached to the WAP continuously then the result is a DoS of the WAP.

    A similar method is used to break onto a WAP that is secured by MAC address. One piece of software sends disassociate messages to a computer that is legally attached and then spoofs the MAC address of the victims computer to connect to the WAPwhile the victims computer keeps trying to reassociate with the WAP.
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