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Thread: Trouble copying SAM and SYSTEM files using KNOPPIX 3.2

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    Trouble copying SAM and SYSTEM files using KNOPPIX 3.2


    Iv'e used the following commands using a shell in KNOPPIX, but for some reason I get an error that the USB thumbdrive is unrecognised when I try to copy the SAM and SYSTEM files to it.

    Are these the steps and commands that some of you guys use too?

    1) Plug-in the USB flash drive
    2) double-click sda1
    3) open hda1
    4) close it
    5) open shell konsole
    6) su
    7) cd/mnt/hda1/WINNT/system32/
    cp config/ /mnt/sda1/

    A friend of mine said I have to use these under KNOPPIX 3.6, but I haven't tested it yet. Any comments on this method?

    1) open shell konsole
    2) type "mount/mnt/sda"
    3) type "cd/mnt/sda"
    4) type "ll"
    5) minimise shell konsole and double-click hda1
    6) close hda1 window and maximise konsole screen
    7) type "cd/mnt/hda1"
    type "cd windows"
    9) type "cd system32"
    10) type "cd config"
    11) type "ll"
    12) type " -n mount/mnt/sda"

    Help Appreciated

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    you need to mount it read-writeable first:

    put in flashdrive
    go to the shell and type "su" <enter>
    now type "mount -rw /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1"

    now you are able to copy the files to the flashdrive.

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    Thanks for your reply, though I still ran into some problems.

    I followed your instructions first.
    Then I went to step 2 for the 3.2 version in my earlier post.
    I also tried it by going straight to step 6:-


    but each time Iv'e received one of two errors, namely:-

    "Could not find file or direcotry"

    "cp: missing destination file"

    My friend also had this problem, he eventually found a way round it, but couldn't remember it.
    We're both doing Networking courses and at the moment we are learning about security and such, so it's important we know how to do this.
    Please let me know if you can help me out further on this.

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    Looking at your cp command I think I see the error. I suspect you might have more luck with this:

    cd /mnt/hda1/WINNT/SYSTEM32/

    cp config/* /mnt/sda1/*

    Before switching directories you might want to do an ls -l and doublecheck the case of the directory stucture for the Winnt directories. Remember that *nix is case-sensitive, so if it's caps, you need to type caps.
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