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Thread: Windows Registry know how

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    Windows Registry know how

    I want to learn the ins and outs of windows registry.

    Where is the entries in registry stored, What is the meaning of the various keys..etc......

    Which will be a good book or any online resource

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    windows registry is the central database which helps windows to manage all its hardware and software resources. Try using the command regedit and play around with the various options available under hkey_localMachine and hkey_CurrentUSer lists. They have everything to do with all whatever windows does and maintains. you can also refer the resources suggested by Soda_Popinsky above

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    With all due respect..I wouldnt advocate changing an values in the registry until you're comfortable with it.Take a look around,but dont change anything lol,the implications can be serious..Soda's links're great,have a look at the winguides
    Also AO's got a couple of good tuts,here,take a look:http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=134679

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    Thanks for the links. Will be checking them soon

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    Excellent resources (as my greenie comment indicated) that should shed some light on a maligned subject that other, poorer sites (take a bow Happy Hackers) gloss over - describing it as 'voodoo' or 'black magic' i.e. something best to avoid.

    Whilst reading the following PDF: http://www.techsupportalert.com/pdf/e1209.pdf (which Soda references), I opened REGEDIT to have a look at a few keys and their data contents, as per the guide. Rummaging through HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ I noticed a sub-key containing a mixture of binary and string values that appeared to relate to a porn re-direct. The string values were 'anal', 'paris hilton', etc - a blonde moment using IE to check a few sites which contained adult adverts, despite the fact that I have Firefox. Like, duh - as well as a value that looked like a re-direct. Key was swiftly deleted although I couldn't seem to identify what application or executable it was linked to (more reading is required).

    If that wasn't bad enough (hopefully it won't reload on reboot), I continued to flick through the Software keys and noticed a key that looked a bit odd. Looking at one of the values called 'PANnumber' I was astonished and horrified that the string value was my home telephone number! I don't remember entering my home number in an application or on a website. Buh bye key!

    While it is important to secure one's box, it is equally important to understand how one's OS works because you cannot do one exclusive of the other. In the past, listening to the advice of certain magazines and so-called security sites, I took the path of least resistance by ignoring the Registry. Not any longer ..

    Time for some reading over the weekend - inbetween reading for my impending accoutancy unit exams.


    P.s. I ran Adware 6, Hijack This and Spybot immediately after (Spybot removing two minor registry entries made my MS Media Player) - so I'm not completely blonde. This is a Bill Hicks moment:

    "Well gee, Bill. I just wanted to watch this really cool Flash movie. It's like, so cool, you would love it" ...

    "URGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH .. Riotgirl, suck Satan's member!"
    \"Don\'t worry. I don\'t have low self-esteem. It\'s a mistake. I have low esteem for everyone else\".

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