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Thread: Mouse takes 5 minutes to initialize on boot

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    Mouse takes 5 minutes to initialize on boot

    I am working on a computer that takes 5 minutes to begin to boot into the operating system. The bios recognizes the dvd drive and sits there for 5 minutes or so beford "mouse initialized" pops up on the screen and the computer can actually boot into windows. The computer is running windows XP and it has a wireless logitech keyboard/ mouse combo(plugged into the keyboard ps2 port) as well as a gyroscopic mouse(usb port). The gyroscopic mouse is the one that is active on boot. Is there some configuration thing i could look at to fix this boot problem? It is an IBM NetVista.


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    You could try to fiddle around with the USB-settings in your BIOS. Also try to update the drivers for your mouse.
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    It sounds as if you have two mice connected and that is causing some sort of conflict. Try uninstalling one.

    The normal boot sequence would be to detect the keyboard and mouse before the HDD and CD/DVD

    You can generally get away with a serial and PS/2 mouse but USB and PS/2 may be a problem.

    Have a look in Device Manager and see if there are any conflicts.

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