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    NS Remote

    I want to install netscreen remote on my laptop but I have been told it will not work with Black Ice. Does anyone know of a firewall (preferably free!) which will allow vpn connections through it?


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    Black ice can be configured - see this article http://www.laplink.com/support/kb/article.asp?ID=37

    You would need to modify FIREWALL.INI :

    In the section marked MANUAL TCP high..., add the following line:
    ACCEPT, xxx, NSRemote, 1999-07-22 20:26:53, PERPETUAL

    Where xxx is the port number that netscreen listens on.

    If you are behind an adsl router you will need to set up port forwarding on your router to forward the NSRemote port from the router to the internal IP & port of you home machine.

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