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Thread: as a newbee where 2 get started?

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    as a newbee where 2 get started?

    i m deeply interested 2 increase my knowledge about computer security, information i found on AO is partialy understandable and some over flowed.... can any 1 help me 2 understand how 2 utilise AO .............. to start from begening... i have initial knowledge of c++.

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    "How To utilise AO?"

    hmm Start of by reading the FAQ.

    before starting a thread asking a question you have .......Use the AO Search Feature........to find answers to your questions that might have been answared already.

    Remember google is your friend..............you will find heaps of information there. so start googleing

    Read the Tutorials at AO .........there is a good collection of them here .............read some regarding how to secure you computer.


    And try to write in English please ...............by that mean proper english......i can see that you are from India and it's not your first language.......... neither is mine and as you can see i make a lot of spelling mistakes but at least i make a effort to get it right...... but from your post it seems you can write it if you want to ......just avoid these shortcuts

    Welcome to AO

    --Good Luck--

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    And try to write in English please
    Yes, you will come to see certain members *cough nihil cough* speak their own language instead of English and it becomes hard to understand them

    Oh, and Welcome to AO
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    I would first learn to secure your own PC first.
    Download / buy and use:

    Firewall : http://www.google.com/search?sourcei...F-8&q=Firewall
    Anti-virus : http://www.google.com/search?sourcei...-8&q=Antivirus
    AdAware SE : http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/
    SpyBot S+D : http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html

    Optional extra's :
    Swattit : http://swatit.org/download.html
    Registry Mechanic : http://www.winguides.com/regmech/
    HiJackThis : http://www.spychecker.com/program/hijackthis.html
    Intended for advanced users. Be careful using this tool ................

    The list goes on, these are the items I use.
    When you feel confident that your own set-up is secure, you will feel more confident about working with, and helping to secure other peoples systems.

    And read ..........read as if your life depended on it.
    Buy books on subjects that appeal, as it makes the reading easier.
    As you advance, buy books on subjects you need. Anything that makes you more marketable [getting and keeping a job is a major reason for your interest in IT security, right ?]
    Has to be a good thing.
    By the time this has all happened, you should be in time to retire peacefully.

    As for the 'English' part :
    you will come to see certain members *cough nihil cough* speak their own language
    After a few months here, you'll find that nihilish [TM nihil] makes more sense than some of the other gibberish that gets posted.

    books to start:
    Hacking Exposed series : http://www.hackingexposed.com/
    IP Routing : http://www.samspublishing.com/title/0672322102
    Troubleshooting MS Technologies : http://www.holbornbooks.co.uk/details.aspx?sn=1245852

    For when you start to 'advance' :
    Mastering the Windows Registry : http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...20168?v=glance

    This is a personal choice, I've stayed with Windows, as that is the majority of the systems out there today. You WILL find better books and ideas, Don't disparage any, until you find the path that suits YOU.

    Enjoy it here at AO.

    And for when all that reading gets too much :
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    OLDER yes
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    i've learned more from AO than from any other site. i suggest keep another browser instance or tab open to google. when you dont understand something, either ask in the forum....we have nothing against newbi questions or google it. if you dont under stand a word...use google like this "define:<word you dont understand>" in the search box...without the quotes.
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    U wanna learn something
    U can learn a lot u cant even think of!
    U can do the following:
    1.start with faqs (as everybody said)
    2.help ur fellow newbies by answering there queries(hey don't post uselessly as i did)
    3.post only meaningful answers
    4.dont post the answers to the thread whose date is flashing(the second mistake i committed)
    5.when starting a new thread, always keep in mind to chose the right place to post
    6.dont use false languauge as it is against rules of society
    7.before starting a new thread, check it out whether the thread has been started before not!
    8.make google.com ur best friend as it has the best search engine, if u r not able to find an answers then u can ask over here!
    9.keep on assigning positive and negative antipoints as it helps in building ur reputation.
    10.do take part in the conversation by expressing ur views
    11.dont post any one-liner posts(the third mistake i committed)
    12.dont post just for the sake of increasing ur no. of posts
    13.u can private message(PM) anyone u wish
    14.ask MsMittens for any problem, she's the Anti Online Supreme Being n Moderator

    i think thats enough to start with! if i had known them earlier i wouldn't have have got two red dots in front of my name! anywayz guys BEST OF LUCK!!

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    Well after beeing away from AO for a long time desided to see how stuff evolved here
    Seeing you questions were already answered for a large portion,
    the only thing i wanted to point out is if you are truely serious about computer security.
    you might want to read through the rfc's since they contain the history how today's standards became what they are and valueable information how they work
    a random link should prove usefull the rfc standards
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