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Thread: :: 7 files into 1? ::

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    :: 7 files into 1? ::

    My problem is that I dont know how to combine a few audio files into one.
    I have 7 small mp3s (or wavs, doesnt matter as long as you can get them into one file)
    that I need to combine into 1 mp3 or wav. I tried using Windows Sound Recorder but it plain sucks and wont work. Im using Windows XP. Can anyone tell me of a program to do this? Dont suggest Adobe Premiere...it doesnt work on my computer. Thanks.

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    I use Cakewalk's Sonar3 ... but its overkill for your job and costs a pretty penny.


    Looks like it'll work? I've never used it.


    Looks like there are plenty of programs out there that are just for that sort of task.
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    Hey Hey,

    We used to always use GoldWave... check out http://www.goldwave.com/. We used it years ago... it's been around for ages and it's quite reliable....

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