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Thread: windows 95 installation

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    windows 95 installation

    hi, trying to reinstall win 95 on an old work laptop, been a long time since i've used dos commands. put start up disk in and says starting win 95, then it stops and displays A:\> , and i can't remember what to do next, any help would be appraciated.

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    1. Is a CDROM-Driver (eg Mitsumi[1]) running?
    Usually, the drivers map the CDROM to R:

    /edit: I found an old win95 startdisk.
    There are two files for the cdrom: mscdex.exe and cdrom.sys.
    in config.sys, you should find: device = a:\cdrom.sys /D:CD001
    in dosstart.bat, you should find: a:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:CD001 /L:R /M:12 /V

    i can attach both files if you don't have them.

    2. if so, type "R:"

    3. type "setup.exe" (if I recall correctly)
    or alternatively look for the executable via the "dir *.exe" command.
    You can change the directory via "cd directory_name".


    [1] http://www.mitsumi.com/enduser/1_drivers.html
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    Is this a win 95 setup disk?

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