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Thread: configuration for bit torrent

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    configuration for bit torrent

    Hello: I would like to know what ports need to be opened and how to open them so that Bit Torrent can work properly. I am behind a Linksys BEFW11S4 router and using Kerio personal firewall.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    You don't have anythinkg to open on your Linksys BEFW11S4.
    Nothing either on your Kerio except allow the BitTorent Execute to connect to Internet.
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    I think for optimal speed you need to open some ports. On my router I've got it set to forward ports 6881-6999.

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    Most Bit Torrent clients set port 6881 as the generic default for transfer.

    Though this is usually sufficient - some ISP's block port 6881

    However you only need to ensure ONE port is open for Bit Torrent client.

    Azureus, for instance, recommends choosing ONE port within the 49152 - 65535 range (for ISP's who block ports in the p2p blaclisted range).

    Go to Tools->Options->Server and input the new TCP listening port that you have chosen.
    As for the Firewall, as SDK said, simply allow the Bit Torrent program when queried at statup

    Any routers can be configured via port forwarding. Simply include the port number.
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    Prior to version 3.2, BitTorrent by default uses ports in the range of 6881-6889. As of 3.2 and later, the range has been extended to 6881-6999. (These are all TCP ports, BitTorrent does not use UDP.) The client starts with the lowest port in the range and sequentially tries higher ports until it can find one to which it can bind. This means that the first client you open will bind to 6881, the next to 6882, etc. Therefore, you only really need to open as many ports as simultaneous BitTorrent clients you would ever have open. For most people it's sufficient to open 6881-6889.

    The trackers to which BitTorrent must connect usually are on port 6969, so the client must have outbound access on this port. Some trackers are on other ports, however.

    ah hell: here http://btfaq.com/serve/cache/25.html
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