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Thread: email via batch file????

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    Question email via batch file????

    I am looking for a way to send an email via a batch files.
    I have a very critical service running on my windows 2000 machine/server and I need to know if it crashes. The only options i have are to restart the service or run a file/program (Restart the computer is definatly out). I figure run a batch file that sends me a email to my wireless phone saying the service has crashed. Problem is I don't know how to send such an email in DOS. I googled this and found some programs that will send the file however my company doesn't want to spend ANY money. We had a tornado hit our IT center and it cost us the rest of the budget to repair the servers and such.

    So I need a way to send an email via a dos batch file.


    I have outlook 2000 loaded on this machine as well. but when I performed a switch on the outlook.exe software(outlook.exe /?) I got an error saying invalid switch.

    Does anyone know how to get this to work?

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    I don't think a batch file has what it takes, it might be a job for c++ or something along those lines but hey I''m not a ueberprogrammer. A program like the first one on this site might do for something in DOS batching http://www.georgiasoftworks.com/otherutilities.htm.

    I have outlook 2000 loaded on this machine as well. but when I performed a switch on the outlook.exe software(outlook.exe /?) I got an error saying invalid switch.
    yes that means it can't understand it. For example type 'notepad.exe /' it says can not open "/.txt file' and outlook is trying to open something it can't. Recheck your code again and see if you didn't type something not needed/typed to far...etc. Sorry I can't help you- i hope someone here can help you out.

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    Damn i just a found a site whit **** load of batch files (texts, and actualy atch files.)

    lol: sorry i didnt include the link: http://www.bookcase.com/library/soft...til.batch.html

    btw: I don't know if you can make a batch file type something, but if you could wouldn't this be the batch file you needed to send an e-mail ?

    @echo off
    telnet mail.yahoo.com 25
    MAIL FROM:you@hostname.com
    RCPT TO:them@someplace_else.com
    Type in your message
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    This don't work 妯py展ght, it's a illegal way to send a email and yahoo server will probably classified as spam.
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    I used yahoo just as an example: and i don't think it's illegal as long as you use correct and valid e-mail addresses....
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    you can use e-mail via batch if you want and then have it send via a program named blat which sends smtp messages via command line:


    however, the better way to do it would be via SNMP traps and have windows send SNMP messages to a client and then the client could page your cell phone or e-mail you or something like that... Windows has a SNMP service that you have to install, so all you have to do then is find a good client...

    here is a good description of what SNMP is if you don't already know:

    IIRC windows also has a client, and then all you have to find is an event log manager that will notify you when a trap is received
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    I found a way to do it via the command line. You need to install the most recent version of Windows Script Host and than create a .VBS file with the following:

    On Error Resume Next
    RCP = "Your Email Address"
    MSG = "Message Body"
    SUBJ = "Message Subject"

    Set Outlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set MAPI = Outlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
    Set NewMail = OUtlook.CreateItem(0)
    NewMail.Subject = SUBJ
    NewMail.Body = MSG
    NewMail.Recipients.Add RCP


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