valhallen - That is Altavista.

I think I've found the problem as you've mentioned it: AltaVista Transversal. Why Norton blocks it makes absolutely no sense to me; the vuln doesn't apparently affect you or anyone who uses Altavista. It seems to affect Altavista only, but I don't understand it. The only web server I know that had a form of unauthorized directory transversal was IIS4, so this "patch" is completely useless today IMHO.

What you need to do is disable the signature for this. I'm not 100% sure how to do it, but apparently you go to "Intrusion Detection", click "Signatures" so "Intrusion Detection Signatures" pops up, click "AltaVista Transversal" signature, and hit "Exclude". That should let you browse AltaVista again. Good luck.

(BTW, your ping results mean that DNS was successful at resolving the name to the IP. But the no response part or timed out part meant that something was blocking you from connecting to that IP, or they don't respond to pings. We know that they do infact respond to ping queries, so it meant that something else was blocking it - probably Norton.)