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Thread: Captain Kirk signs up

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    Captain Kirk signs up

    Captain Kirk signs up for real life space travel
    New York | October 23, 2004 3:36:07 PM IST

    He thrilled us with his on screen adventures as the Captain of the space ship USS Enterprise for decades, and now William Shatner has signed up for real life space travel, he has committed a whopping 200,000 dollars to business tycoon Richard Branson, to be one of the passengers on his planned spaceship Virgin Galatic.


    /me thinks he might be using tek
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    Have you SEEN William Shatner these days?

    The sheer weight alone will cause the shuttle to plummet into the ocean before it even reaches space

    Richard Bransons previous efforts for long-distance travel have ended messily (Hot air balloon anyone?) - will be curious as to how this trek to the stars progresses
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    Amazing. Here we had a thread just a few days back in Cosmos over how the X - prize had been won, and how someone thought nobody would ever use it. Hmm. Looks like 200k in revenues already... I'll dearly love to see this company 50 years from now and what they accomplish. So much, in fact, I'm curious to find out if their stock is publicly traded yet...
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