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Thread: hotmail site

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    1- yes
    2- yes
    3- yes
    4- yes, it give error page not found

    Yes, the number of mail in this list increase, i see my new message.
    and the problem begin like last wednesday.

    Thx for your help.

    And i try with another account hotmail and from my computer, i cannot have access, but from another computer, they have no problem.

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    Hi EvilNight,

    Sorry for the delay, it was my Wedding Anniversary, so I was otherwise occupied

    Well, we have isolated the problem to that particular computer and to HotMail. As you can get to your mail on another computer we know that it is not a problem at HotMail's end. Also you tried a second account with the same results so it is definitely that PC.

    Have you updated anything just before this happened? I see you have gone to XP Sp2.

    I suspect your PC-Cillin as it is a very old version. It may not be compatible with SP2. The POP3 Trap program is the one that is most likely to be the culprit, as it handles mail control.

    My first move would be to see if I can identify and kill that (POP3 Trap) process in <Windows Task manager>, <Processes>. I am not sure if you can do that as I have a much later version of the Internet Security Suite, and cannot. If you can, please try it, and see if you can get into your mail.


    1. You might try getting AVG (Grisoft) and ZoneAlarm. Set them up so they do NOT start at boot-up.
    2. Update the antivirus patterns/signatures.
    3. Boot into safe mode and run the AVG.
    4. Disable PC-cillin and the XP SP2 firewall from starting.
    5. Reboot into normal mode
    6. Start Zone Alarm
    7. Start AVG
    8. Connect to the internet and try your mail.

    If that doesn't work, remember to re-enable your AV and the SP2 Firewall

    Good luck

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    1. C:\WINDOWS\ATK0100\Hcontrol.exe (unknown process running) check it!!

    3. C:\WINDOWS\ATK0100\ATKOSD.exe <== what process is that
    These are bacground programs from ASUS.. it seems to be an ASUS laptop,, the synaptics software is related to the touch pad (pointer device)
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