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Thread: windows hacking

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    Why not encrypt rather than hide? Use PGP or something similar--much more secure...by itself anyway.
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    Why not just deny access? Use thumbdrives, zip with password, encrypt?

    It just all depends on who's trying to gain access to the file.
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    Originally posted here by ﹐py甶ght
    It won't make it safe but it will make it invisible, and if somebody knows where the folder is he can simply go to right click-> rename and type in whatever namwe they want to, they don't need cmd to do it.

    If you change your file explorer settings to show all items, and to show all items in the "details" view it will just show up as a Folder Item that doesn't have a name. So it's not really invisible either. I wouldn't even consider it invisible in any of the other views as the detail bar at the bottom tells you the number of items in the folder. You can then just drag-select the entire window to find the missing "hidden" folder. Like somebody else said, it depends on who you are trying to hide the file from as to how effective some of the recommendations here have been.

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    I know this may seem a little bit overboard considering that this is an answer to a newbie question but it's possible to hide folders and have them not be seen even when the "show hidden folders" option is enabled. The process involves installing a windows rootkit that hooks the API that handles the functions involved in displaying windows explorer elements and have it hide folders that begin with a certain string such as "_hidden" so when everthing is in place you could have a folder named "_hidden_folder" and it will not show up in normal MS applications that use the api that you are hooking. but you have to remember where you put the folder. You'd still be able to access it even though it appears nonexistent to windows.

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    Why install a rootkit, even? I read a tutorial recently posted about Alternative Data Streams. Built-in to the OS already.

    Link to Irongeek's tutorial
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