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    No use for the old guys

    With new technology coming out like Cell phones with web access with faster access speeds than a dial up modem, and VOIP (voice over IP), what’s to come of telephone companies? You may say well they have DSL to fall back on, but not all local phone companies have DSL plans. VOIP has brought about new options when it comes to calling plans, there are no more local long distant calling charges and no more clock watching. So what’s to happen with these companies? Are we witness to the extinction of the telephone as we know it? AT&T and other big companies have turned there attention to cellular and VOIP leaving the local companies hit rock bottom. I personally think that big companies like AT&T will put a price tag on every feature they can once they get there hands on VOIP. Like any good technology, when large corporations get greedy you the customer get screwed.

    If you are interested in using VOIP, look into Skype a free VOIP service.

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    Here is a related artical: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...2004Oct21.html
    Verizon Communications Inc., the nation's largest telephone company, announced yesterday it is digging up streets and stringing wire in six states, including Washington's Maryland and Virginia suburbs, to build a new fiber-optic network that will deliver high-speed Internet service and cable-style television to homes and businesses.

    It is part of a $2.8 billion gamble for the giant provider of local phone service, which is trying to compete head-to-head against cable companies. Verizon says it can offer Internet speeds up to 10 times as fast as most residential services and that it will introduce a package of television programming next year.
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    Re: No use for the old guys

    So what’s to happen with these companies?
    and customer will deliver tcp/ip thru what?

    I think we will just get more balance between services. we will able to get "network services" (including Voice) thru several paths, such as:

    - wireless
    - power lines
    - and yes, thru ptt infrastructure. Since they have a huge infra structure of cables, i still believe they will be "big players" on this game. But now with other "big" players, such as power companies.
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