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Thread: VB on nix

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    VB on nix

    Hay what sup AO,
    I was wondering if anyone new if visual basic or C++ or java...etc
    would run on linux if you used the WINE program?
    Because i am in and intro program class. And they allow you to check out the disks to install all this stuff. And now that i have got nix i was wondering if it would run on there?

    Ty all ahead of time

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    If it's a 'standard' C++ program, just recompile from source. If it's java, run it on the native JVM. And just forget about VB
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    Well C++ and Java can be found using the GCC group of compilers or, in the case of Java, the Java Linux Developer kit.

    You could use Real Basic for VB on the Linux platform. Might want to check this out for more details (I've only dabbled with C and C++ on *nix)
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