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Thread: new technologies

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    new technologies

    i was looking around for new technology info, it can be new tech in hardware or software, it must be related to computers but can be abut something else than computers, like a system for ur car that does blablabla...

    something probably not every body heard of
    quantum computing, quantum crypto... did a long search abut it
    now doing the dna computer subject. if u have any links abut dna computers, plz post them

    i need a new subject, hope it can be software related, like there was that kewl virtual keyboard made for phones u can use to type instead of the usual keyboard it is a virtual one...

    do u have any idea abut some hot really new technology?

    i need more ideas...
    10x for ur help
    i appreciate it

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    These magical links should give you some ideas:

    Peace always,
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    well, to pick up your ideas -
    quantum computing (probably too hard, since still in experimental state without
    much theoretical understanding. best sources/paper about it I know: [1]),
    quantum random numbers and device, you find additional information here [2].

    Once, I also read something about a "spaghetti computer" to refer to your DNA idea.
    You can find infos here[3], however in german only and it is from 1998 - not really "hot".

    And since I do not have to reinvent the wheel: [4]
    An excellent collection of NASA-based (and spin-off developped) technology.

    [1] http://www.qubit.org/ and
    A. Yu. Kitaev, Fault-tolerant quantum computation by anyons
    [2] http://www.antionline.com/showthread...939#post799939
    [3] http://www.wissenschaft-online.de/ab...um/archiv/4128
    [4] http://www.nasatechnology.com/default.asp
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    Re: new technologies

    Originally posted here by beee
    something probably not every body heard of
    Pardon me but its not really that matter i mean may be people would have heard about something doesnot mean that know everything about it and they have indepth knowledge about it. There are lots of things that are there in this world people know but still they dont completely know about them and when u start doing research in it you come up with some new idead or you find urself some flaws or leakout in it. Dont u think so.

    If you are Interested in Networking Side Try out MPLS Based Networks. MultiProtocol Label Switching. What i really would emphasize you is to Use OPNET a development tool to make a virtual network based on this technology, try exploring this software its really cool.


    MPLS: -

    Regarding Ur DNA COmputation Check these Links: -


    By the way I am also doing some research on Quantum & DNA.
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    we are both doing same reasearch abut same topic same time....

    i've been away from this topic
    i was actually working on some studies
    how far did u get
    maybe u want to exchange docs and links... we can both help each other
    i am now concentrating on dna computers, but i have some kewl documents on quatum computers and i think they can be used with the teleportation technique ( moving one thing from a point to another without using physical media) i think teleportation can be used to wire the " quantum computer", it is funny and intresting, but now i am concentrating on the dna computers like i said...
    i am still at looking for info stage, i did not write anything yet
    so what u think, i can share some docs...what abut u,,,, what u need

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