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Thread: riots?

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    The wife of Dem vice presidential hopeful John Edwards said on Sunday there will be no riots around the election -- if Kerry/Edwards wins!

    C-SPAN cameras captured spouse Elizabeth Edwards making the startling comments to a supporter during a Kerry Campaign Town Hall Meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

    Supporter: Kerry's going to take PA.

    Liz Edwards: I know that.

    Supporter: I'm just worried there's going to be riots afterwards.

    Liz Edwards: Uh.....well...not if we win.


    ...and you know she's absolutly right! when bush wins the radical forces (that call themselves liberals) with in this country will be up in arms.

    if kerry should blunder into winning...well conservatives believe in democracy.
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    As a spin on this:
    I lived through the riots in the UK of 1981 Toxteth [Liverpool]:
    And was around to watch the low life of bernie grant in 1985 during the Tottenham [London] riots, when he said that the Police had "gotten a damn good hiding". Even a cursory attempt on Google will only pull out the 'good' old bernie stories.
    This turd was an MP for this area, yet he was STILL allowed to suck O2...............He died

    ANYONE that takes part in riots, for any reason should be flushed down the drains with extreme prejudice. [IMHO]

    Our countries [UK USA] have a long tradition of balance and fair play, in France they have long had a traditional cry of "dans le avenue" [take to the streets] as part of their cultural growing up. And as such they see this the way we see argument / dialogue. It should NOT be confused with rioting though.

    However: I feel that rioting achieves absolutely nothing, and should never be contemplated, even as a last recourse.

    The fact that any of your [USofA] parties could even consider a remark along those lines beggars belief.

    [end rant --- try to get CALMMMMMMMMM ------ neeeeeed ]
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    Riots? Don't worry, we'll call in Team America - World Police!
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    glad I live in the land of the Conservatives. There won't be any uprisings here no matter who wins...although 2 of my neighbors seem to be in the 'biggest political sign' contest - one's got a Bush banner about 7ft square...and right across the street is a Kerry one to match. It all got started from those little annoying 1ft stick 'em in the yard signs. I'd dearly love to see them duking it out in the street, but the rest of us would just grab our beers, watch and laugh.
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    I'm worried of how many riots will spark when the Red Sox win the World Series this year

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    Originally posted here by Cybr1d
    I'm worried of how many riots will spark when the Red Sox win the World Series this year

    Yeah, I'm thankful I graduated. I was a student/resident assistant at Northeastern while all those Hemenway riots happened over the past few years.
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    Could any of you play the audio clip from the drudge report website?

    Edit: The link from the druge report main website did not work, but the audio clip from the direct link from Tedob worked.
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