This line regarding the Department of Energy is scary.

The DOE had trouble ensuring that only authorized personnel could access particular systems, and that known vulnerabilities were closed.
As Frank Barone would say "Sweet merciful crap".

Energy counted 199 successful intrusions, including a recent case "where an external party gained broad access to multiple systems on several occasions," reads the audit report. On the plus side, auditors identified fewer cyber security weaknesses than in years past: a total of 32 in 2004, from a high of 69 in 2003. The DOE got a failing grade from Congress in 2003 and 2002.
On the plus side ONLY 32. Granted this is a huge department but you would hope heads will roll. Hopefully no one has stolen Homer Simpson's password to the nuclear plant computers. I wonder how many of the people involved got performance bonuses last year.

The part about the FAA and the subsequent links doesn't exactly instill confidence either.