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Thread: 602LAN Suite

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    Question 602LAN Suite

    Ik heb een vraag: Is it posible to get around 602LAN suite. We have it at school so that the sysadmins can moniter all HTTP requests on the proxyserver. I have been using proxyweb (a webbased SSL proxy that maskes HTTP requests) is it possible to get around or hack Lan suite, I don;t do anything bad on the comps there, I just feel it is an invasion of my privacy. (I have a shell account for looking at hacking and other things)

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    anything is possible... so sure, it is possible to get around the lan suite.

    Get your own PC and use that.

    If you feel that its an invasion of your privacy... then don't use their PC.
    Use of their PCs are a privledge... not a right. Abuse the privledge... and you'll loose it.

    Oh, while you're at it... start your own ISP too... because they keep records on you too.
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    You better listen closely to phishphreek80ís advice!!!

    You can do whatever you want as long as you own the computer or network. Otherwise leave them alone! You will get booted out of school for something really stupid and it could follow you around for a long time. Donít think for a moment they donít know exactly what you are doing. I would be really concerned because they havenít nailed you yet.

    I just feel it is an invasion of my privacy.
    You better reread the schoolís policy you agreed to. I donít want to pop your bubble, but who on earth told you that you have a right to privacy on the schoolís network?
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