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    XP "forgets" my modem ?

    Just wondering if anyone can help ?

    I have to go through the "Add Hardware" wizard before xp will recognize my modem after every restart. Its an Acer 56 Surf and works fine once Ive added it but xp seems to forget it after a shutdown and its really pissing me off having to go through this procedure every time.

    Does anyone know how to fix this and what might cause it ?


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    It is a external modem right ?........Turn On your Modem before you Start you Computer and it will work .

    This happens with Windows 2000 and windows XP if you don't turn on your modem before you start you PC it wouldn't detect it you will have to go through the detection process . that is just half way through the Modem Install process.

    --Good Luck--

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    lol !!

    ..and here I was expecting some highly technical explanation...


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