I have had the weirdest thing happen. My parents computer has been sitting on a DSL connection for about 5 days now. They complained about slowdowns on the machine and asked me to look at it. So I said I would get to it (seeing as I have a ton of test coming up) but I told them how to DL Ad-ware and housecall.trendmicro.com to make sure that all the obvious reasons were out of the way. So they called me and told me that their monitor was frozen and they couldn't get a display. I told them I would stop over in between classes. So I get to the computer and:


The monitor is not frozen, it is simply not getting any signal from the comp that it is turned on. So my first Idea was swap monitors with one that I know works and button-boot. However, that didn't work out so I ruled out the monitor.

Next I watched as the system booted and the HDD light stayed orange then yellow and remained constant. It didn't even boot to the bios. Hmm... So I threw in a boot CD not luck.. Then a Startup disk and still nothing.

I pulled the HD and scanned overnight which came up with many different trojans (viruses scan is attached file in JPG format.). I cleaned the HD and plopped it back in the machine and booted.

Now I am wondering what is wrong with this machine.

It is an e-machine running Win Xp Home Edition SP1 (I believe I am not sure if it was automatically updated or not).

I am wondering if it is just the motherboard because the bios doesn't even come up or anything.

Please HELP!!!

- MilitantEidolon