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    hi, need some help, i've searched for this in AO forums and in google however i'm not able to take this to the end..... here's my issue, i was going through try2hack.nl site; for level 4 we have to examine the PasswdLevel4.class file, i did it in "cavaj decompilor", fine, that gives us all the programming however how to find the user name and password information from there!? any ideas!?
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    i think it's this


    if the pass doesnt work, try to change the URL extension instead of level3 to the level4 one...

    edit: my bad i though u were looking how to get TO level 4....
    O.G at A.O

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    dummy password

    that is a dummy password for level 3, it won't work... the password for level3 and the link for level4 are in the file "javascript".......... in souce code for level3 it appears as..... <script language="JavaScript">..... however that is applicable for level3.......whereas i was looking for the solution for level4..... http://www.try2hack.nl/levels/level4-kdnvxs.xhtml
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    Okay so you have downloaded. PasswdLevel4.class and have opened it up with the DJ Java Decompiler....

    I was reading through the scripts and realized they werent going to put it in the script, I mean come on, this is level 4. That would have been a freebie. So what they have is this:

    There actually is an infile method inside of the class and its function is to bring up a file and use it as a reference: thus we must search to file all instances of the word infile

    Which brings us to this line:

    infile = new String("level4");

    meaning that a string has been created in the directory with the answer:

    and what do you know at the URL http://try2hack.nl/levels/level4

    sits the file

    Open up the file with notepad to see that it contains all information needed

    ?????? is the username

    ?????? is the password!
    and you said you looked on google ?


    looks like you didnt look good enough, that cheat page was the 2nd result.. but it would be no fun if you owuld just get the answers from that page now would it ??
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    one nice trick for programs like this is to modify the
    java-source such that it spits out the username/password.
    i hope this idea helps you somewhat, since i won't be
    more specific. "the path is the goal" !
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    :) :)

    thanks buddy, your info helped me clear level4...... now to clear level5, seems like it'll take for me a bit of time to experiment with visual basic!!!! will be back for help if needed.....

    well, sec_ware, idea is good only if i were having some more knowledge of java however the whole challenge is fun

    on second thoughts also seems like i also have to work on my searching skills ......
    keep smilling

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    Let the lesson be learned: Cheaters never prosper.

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    if u guys likes such exercises... here's another plc for u to work it out...



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    Don't waste too much time on level5. As far as I know you have to use some vb3 decompiler that is nearly impossible to find, unless you are really really good with ASM. It's pretty stupid, and the hardest part of the level is actually finding the working decompiler. If I were you I'd find someone who has passed it to just give you the password or something then move on. Good luck.

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