I just want to start off by saying I'm still fairly new, and am trying to put my posts into the right forums, please take pitty on me if I make mistakes

OK, I set up an FTP server on win 2k server sp4. I have no problem loggin into it locally by typing the subnet address ( into my IE browser, but my router is the default gateway and has a dynamic IP address. But I'm local, anyone remote, would have to type in something different. I've also allowed all permissions to "everyone" and have the login security set to anyomous, so I think that's ok. In order to allow public access to my FTP server will I need DNS, and because my IP is prone to be changed will I need to forward my IP address? If I was to give my dad, who's half way across the country from me, my ISP IP, and then the computer with the FTP's IP, how should he type it, and would this work? Also, because I have a router as my default gateway, I'm worried that this poses a new set of problems. I'm not looking for everything to be perfect, I just want public access to this, I'll perfect it from there. Thanks for your time and expertise.


How can I defend something that's simply not there?