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    You're welcome The Duck, but you did most of the work yourself.

    Good job!

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    Interesting enough, I just have received the same error. I acquired it after I updated Spybot S & D, just a few minutes ago. Although all the work you went through was very important, I wonder if it was just a bug in Spybot?

    But none-the-less, we'll have a look at your list....


    edit: Nothing bad in HJT, or anything. Bet Sypbot is toast since it didn't happen prior to d/ling the updates.

    Here's what it says:

    Error during check!
    Cabrotor (Datei C: \WINDOWS\win.ini kann nicht geoffnet werden. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)

    I'm not worried about it, ran everything under the sun and checked the registry, nothing is leaving the computer, so pfffft on it. Until next update.
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    That's exactly what I got on my PC, my laptop got a similar error, but the name was backorifice instead. I bet it is a bug in spybot. After I updated spybot I got the error, but then a day later, there were more updates and after I installed them spybot didn't error. I suggest you check tomorrow for updates, if you install them it will probaby be fixed.
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