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    Question Large Scale Wireless Security

    I was asked to setup a security system for a school.

    I was guessing that all internet traffic be routed to a login splash page linked back to a database of users, and their passwords. The requirement that was set by the project administrator was that we have a way to track what websites were accessed, and by whom.

    does anyone had any suggestions for how to set it up? What programs/operating systems to use?

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    Check NoCat and NoCat-Auth


    Open source "public" network router / gateway that can do authentication.

    I have set it up on the smaller scale (5-20) users and it works great. Takes you to a splash screen and will not allow you to go anywhere until you login or register.
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    a friend of mine has been toying with that, but he can't seem to get the auth server to function. any other suggestions?

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