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    Someone looking for file on my server

    Looking through my error logs, I noticed that some was looking for a file that ended with adjs.php.

    Any idea what they wanted? Also, is there anything I can do with their IP (other than enter it into arin or similar site) to discover more about them?


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    well first of all you didn't mentioned that is this a network server you are mentioning here, if it is then is the address belong to the internal network or someone from outside is looking for that file (if this is true u sharing files over iNTERNET).

    Anyways always post your question completely.
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    What error-log? Which application generated that log? On what OS?

    I'm assuming you mean a webserver's error-log. What was the replycode? 404? 200?

    A quick google search shows adjs.php as an ad-banner script.
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    I also would recommend to give maybe the apropriate lines of the logfile, so we have a clearer understanding, of what are you talking about. In general I would ping the ip address, would try to get more info trou nxlookup and so on. But right now, I just need more info on this, to give a better recomendation. Since I'm still not that experienced, such questions are really interesting for me. So pls don't get mad, if I poke around

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    Any idea what they wanted? Also, is there anything I can do with their IP (other than enter it into arin or similar site) to discover more about them?
    1. They probably didn't want anything..............it sounds more like your site is not displaying its adverts properly?

    2. You can do nothing sensible with the IP address that you have collected, unless of course, they are totally innocent parties. I would suggest that you read up on "proxy servers", "IP address spoofing" and "anonymisers". A google search should get you lots of information.

    The basic concept is that the end site (you) does not get the true originating IP address.

    I would suggest that you try logging into your site from outside and see what errors you get (if any) You should make a careful note of the time and the IP address you are using and then look for that in your site error logs.


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