Well, I had a chance to browse over that Excel sheet and check out some test results. I'm assuming for Norton, if you didn't specifically mention it didn't clean it, I'm assuming Norton cleaned it? Another thing I wasn't so sure about was the "Type" heading. Anyways, here is what I found: The numbers in (#) are the numbers of occurences/copies found.

AVG (These are infected files ONLY AVG found)

BOTH (Both AV's found these files)
actalert.exe (2)
actalert[1].exe (1)
Installer2.exe (1)
optimize.exe (2)
polall1l.exe (2) (Norton found 4 occurences/copies)
TT.exe (1)
T[1].exe (2)
UnstSA2.exe (1)
winmplayer.exe (1)

Norton (These are infected files ONLY Norton found)
bling.exe (1)
system.exe (1)
bargains.exe (1)
conscorr.exe (3)
exdl.exe (1)
exul.exe (1)
Key2.txt (1)
lc.exe (2)
ln_reco.exe (2)
msbb.exe (1)
msbbhook.dll (1)
msbe.dll (1)
nem220[1].dll (1)
preInsln.exe (3)
SyncroAdX.dll (1)
tmb.exe (1)
WebRebates0.exe (1)
WebRebates1.exe (1)
Wincomm.exe (2)
WinComm[1].exe (2)

Did I read the spreadsheet correctly? I'm hoping for AVG's sake, I didn't. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, I wanted to mention that this is some great stuff you're doing HTRegz. I haven't had that kind of amibition since I was in my 20's. I'm getting older, lazier, and I'm convinced my brain is decaying at an extremely rapid rate