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Thread: Can i delete my Antionline account..??

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    Can i delete my Antionline account..??

    Hello everyone,

    this question is basically for admins... but still if any of u know...

    i wanted to open a different account on Antionline with a diff user name... so i thought what would happen to this account.. it would remain idle... i would never use it and i t would add to junk in data base...so i wanted to delete this account... so if ay one of u can help me out with it...??

    thanks in advance..
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    The admin's could probably do something along those lines for you. They'd either delete this account or just ban it and you'd create another one. This has been done in the past, so you might want to speak with either MsMittens or Negative.
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    I can delete it if you'd like...just PM me to confirm.

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    Hey Micky ..

    Post something like " How do i hack hotmail ?? " here and you'll find you account gone in no time .


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    you can however after PMing intmon delete this post yourselve..

    well.. .. .. if you have the time
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