Since I haven't introduced myself yet, I think it's time to get that done. Well, my realname is Marcel nebeling, I live in Germany, in Augsburg. I was born in 1977. Since I'm 8 years old, I have worked with computers, and well, I love them. But my life wasn't always easy. I was born with a heartfailure, which lead to a hearttransplantation in the year 1998. From that day on, I fought to become what I wanted to be, an IT Junior. Lately I have passed my Network Academy and I'm now a trainee at Siemens AG, in the telecomonications service for WAP, SMS and MMS. I'm also a CCNA and well, I regret mentioning it, but also a MCP. Besides that compu-stuff I love books, and read for more than 6 years now only in native language (english). I also introduced myself to Linux and lately due to the use of Solaris in the company, to Unix, which I really love. Another hobby is writing short stories, poems, lyrics and such things. Or doing grafic stuff, like wallpapers with Photoshop. Besides that I'm an avid listener to Hardrock, Metal, Blues, Rock n Roll and alike.

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Thx for your attention, and I have to say, I feel very welcome here!

Best regards,
Marcel aka badfinger