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Thread: NSA Configuration Guides

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    NSA Configuration Guides

    Was writing some reports tonight and thought the site I use for refs might come in handy to
    a few folks new to security. I didnt see it posted recently so...
    If anyone is familiar with DOD Operating System STIGS, you will be familiar with these guides.
    Mostly useful to those new to infosec.


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    thanks, i will have a look at it as soon as the page has been loaded (waiting for about 2 minutes now on a xDSL connection).

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    you may also want to check...

    hi, this is my first post on AO, so i hope it makes sense!

    i would also recommend checking NIST publications. They have tons of security documents posted on their website and i'm sure some it could be of help to you.

    here is the link to most of the publications: http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/index.html

    additionnaly, you can request out of print publications to be mailed to you by snail mail.

    hope this helps.

    all the best,

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