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Thread: Not being able to input into form fields

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    Not being able to input into form fields

    Alright, really weird question here:

    My co-worker has launched internet explorer and when he goes to type in his yahoo email account information, it won't allow him to type anything into the form field boxes. Like, he can move his mouse to the address bar and highlight and type up there, and he can even type in his "yahoo toolbar" but when he goes to google, hotmail, yahoo, or ANY site that requires typing into a form field box...he clicks in the form field box, but nothing happens. It won't allow him to type anywhere...

    Does that sound absolutely crazy, or am I missing something? He runs Win XP on a laptop.

    Being the in-house graphic designer AND tech support guy, I am of course pressured to figure out what the problem is. Any help?

    email me at handydan (at) gmail (dot) com
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    try (re)setting the security level to medium. i do not have IE anymore, but i think it is under "tools", "options", and then tab security.

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