can someone explain this??
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Thread: can someone explain this??

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    can someone explain this??

    today i was playing around in the command interpeter and i found somthing kinda strange.....

    do this:
    Start menu > run, type "ftp"
    when the prompt comes up type "!" press enter....

    look what pops up..... now type "exit" it takes you right back to the ftp prompt..... why is this???????

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    go to the command prompt, and type "ftp", then in the ftp prompt type "?" (without the quotes), this will list all commands, "!" is one of them.

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    but what is it for????

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    Microsoft Windows graphic
    Ftp: !

    Exits the ftp subsystem to a command prompt temporarily so that Windows XP commands can be run. To return to the ftp subsystem, type exit at the command prompt.


    ? !
    Displays help for the ! command.


    * Use ! to execute Windows XP commands without quitting ftp.

    hope this helps

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    Say help .

    If that dosen't work try

    Windows help ............ so please say help ............ .

    ftp> help !

    and it will say escape to shell

    ! : to Escape to the shell

    exit : to returm back from the shell to the ftp where you were earlier

    It's something similar to if you have used the Turbo C++ .....where while coding you need to use the prompt but you want to leave the current work where it is exit to shell .....and do your stuff and them when finished type Exit and vola back to TC Editor

    there is another way to use the shell while in the FTP ![command] command means any command you can use at the prompt and would be unavalible at the FTP prompt. e.g

    FTP > !copy c:\test1.txt C:\folder1.test.txt

    --Good Luck--

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    There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don't.............
    and the other eight ????

    01101010 01101111 01101011 01100101

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