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Thread: Backing up files

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    ya i know i wanst gonna use this name but someone had already taken the name WhiteHat but ive asked a mod if they could delete that account becuase i have noticed they have never posted here and signed up in 2002. so next time you see me i might have just WhiteHat as a name.
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    Well, WhiteHat_haxxor, i might have misread your post, and together with that username it looks very much like some skiddie question who is trying to backup a computer remotely (externally) before he deletes everything on it.

    but if you indeed have a legit reason, like you claim you have, then my biggest apologies for the mistake.

    Now what exactly is your problem?

    you want to backup an external machine, or an external harddisk?
    for an external harddisk i would suggest ghost, since ghost can read usb/firewire disks.

    if you want to backup an external system remotely, then i suggest you ask the person who does have physical access to it, since it will be a time consuming thing IF it is possible.

    OR you could make a backup remotely, meaning you control the remote system and tell some backup software to make a backup on its own harddisk.

    hope this helps

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    I want to take files that i have created and stuff that i have downloaded and save them somewhere else so i can wipe the hard drive
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    and the harddrive is an external drive?

    then why don't you just copy the files to another location / cd?

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    no...i dont have an external hard drive i wanna know whats the best way to back up files externaly. as in should i put them on CD-RWs, external hard drives, zip drive etc
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    just buy an external hard drive and back them up, when you need them, disconnect from the internet, copy them , remove the hard drive, connect back online....all you have to worry about is physical security....

    , zip drive etc
    I think you mean zip disks, which are about 100 megs ? i'd rather choose CD's..... Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    I'd go external hdd for my first choice .. or for my second chioce ... depending how much shite you have .. chuck it all on dvd's

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    Not only are Zip Disks only 100 or 25, they are also very expensive media, and the drives are quite fragile.

    Your best bet is to get a HD from a local store (used), and just copy stuff onto it. $10 should get you at least a 10 gig.

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    yes, i would also prefer dvd's / cd's or an external harddisk. but dvd's cd's at first, since you can not accidentally overwrite them again (if you use cd-r instead of cd-rw ), and an external harddisk could be accidentally overwritten if you still use space for something else then just your backups.

    i have my backups of really important stuff on 3 or 4 different places, this way when something crashes or got overwritten, i would still have a backup. so i would say, get a dvd and burn it on there, you could even encrypt it to be absolutely sure it is safe.


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    do i have to have an OS on that Hdd or do i just have to "drag and drop" the files? Also im a little worried that some viruses or spyware/Adware may spread to the disk im copying to, is that possible?
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