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    yes it sure is, but you still haven't told me if it is an external hdd like a usb one. or an external system.

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    Originally posted here by WhiteHat_h4xx0r
    no...i dont have an external hard drive i wanna know whats the best way to back up files externaly. as in should i put them on CD-RWs, external hard drives, zip drive etc
    I all ready told you....
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    oh yeah, sorry bout that, have had a lot on my mind lately

    well, i suggest you copy the files you need to a cd/dvd. if you want to backup a complete OS, use ghost to create an image, and put that image on the cd/dvd.

    you can always do a virusscan on the files before you back them up. but copying a file won't activate a virus, only running it, so you should be save if you copied them.

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    Start at the beginning mate!.............housekeeping Get rid of all the temp files, obsolete downloads and so on. Then sort your stuff into new folders that make sense to you.

    You will then see the size of the issue. If you only have a small amount of files then a CD/DVD solution would be best. Make sure you test the media AFTERWARDS to make sure that it has worked

    My personal approach would be to get another internal drive and use this to back up your stuff. That will be cheaper than an external drive. If you are going to continue sharing this machine, I would look at getting the chasis that supports a removable HDD. This is just an ordinary internal drive mounted in a cradle and chasis that lets you take the drive out when you are not using it. They cost around $15-20. You might like to compare the cost with an external drive.

    just a thought

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