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Thread: Need help with a password

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    Unhappy Need help with a password

    I'm not exactly certain what is acceptable to post on this site--either as a question or comment but I need help. If someone well-versed in password retrieval could email me, I will explain the situation in private. I don't want anyone to get in trouble but if you hear the situation, I think you'd understand. I can be emailed at bluerabbit03 @ hotmail. com. Thank you :O)

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    Hi, there is a little tab at the top called "PM" that means private message.

    Please feel free to use it

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    it doesnt matter how many times a married man changes his job, he still ends up with the same boss......

    And behind every great man theres a woman rolling her eyes.

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    Even as far as password retrieval is concerned you should take note that there are more than one ways in which passwords could be retrieved. If you need a hotmail account it has a secret question [:P]. If it's on a computer, or if it's remote etc... at least that much detail you could give... an acceptable post is one where you manage to prove that whatever it is you're looking after gaining is legit and indeed a possesion of yours [be it computer, account or what have you]

    Keeping that in mind, you could post it on the public forums. Just remember to check the FAQ.

    And btw if this is a Federale, security professionals know how to retrieve passwords, it doesn't make them hackers, so you can't arrest people PMing you!

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