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Thread: Spam or Bank Vulnerability?

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    Spam or Bank Vulnerability?

    I recieved this email through work today, and after glancing at it considered it spam, but its unlike the typical 419 spam i was used to.... anyways, have a read and look at the link:

    Let's make a small deal -
    I will show you something and you will help me a little.... =)

    As a former Internet security specialist, I constantly keep an eye on
    everything that happens in the Internet.
    One might say it is a professional peculiarity, habit =)

    I'd like to show you the following there is one Swiss financial company in
    the Internet. This company was conducting a promotion campaign 8 months ago.
    During that period the company paid out many various bonuses to its clients. The
    promotion campaign lasted 15 days.

    Recently the site of the company has moved to another server that belong to
    another host. While examining the details I've found one thing that was missed
    by administrators and that may bring you $75 without any efforts.

    Your part of the deal - to be registered under me. To specify me as your
    referral (sponsor).
    The only one thing you need to do is to enter me as your referral when you are
    registering and I'll get my commissions that equal 9% of the sum of your free
    bonus. Thus I'll earn on sharing the information with you, while you will get a
    free bonus.

    I've published the step-by-step instruction, technical description and
    additional information about the bug here:

    There you will find more detailed information and description of each step you
    need to do.

    You will ask a question about such contents:

    Why I shall not open many accounts? Why I tell it to you?
    The secret is simple.
    This company well watches that one person had only a unique account.
    And if it finds out that from one computer openly set of accounts - they
    immediately block these actions

    Wish you good luck!
    Yours forever,

    Read the page the link leads to (be careful... you never know what pages have crawling on them) a page that explains some kinds of flaw in banking over the net.. its obviously spam because they are asking for a 9% comm.

    Just wondering what it is and if its true because its just not right for normal spam.... you know how you can see a system thats.. just not right, and you just know its not hehe, i get that

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    Spam or Bank vulnerability or phishing scheme ?

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