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Thread: Question about cd burners

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    Question about cd burners

    Ok heres my question... Ive had this burner for probably about 2-3 years. its 12x, and i just got a cd player in my car so ive been wanting to burn some new cds... i use real player cause that where most of my songs are... the 1st 2 times i burned cds were from a stack of cds i bought over 2 years ago... so i bought some new cds and 6 didnt work so i went back out and bought a different brand, didnt work. I dont know whats wrong its really frustrating to =/. This is what happens, i start burning the cd and it writes about 26% of the 1st track then it says its writing the table of context and basically just sits there for a really long time and an error pops up... any ideas?
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    Try a different burning software. What windows version are you using? If its XP, try dragging the songs to the CD-R icon and burning them that way. If you have any different version, try Nero, or Easy CD Creator.

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