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Thread: interesting site: securitystats.com

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    Post interesting site: securitystats.com

    security stats dot com
    I havent seen this site mentioned on AO before.
    Its a pretty interesting site with all types of stats regarding computer crime/security.
    Also featured are reports (from various sources including CERT and Symantec), tools (like a password strength meter, a port/protocol searcher) and a news section (amoungst other things).
    Over all a nice site IMO.


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    some interesting facts there:

    PSINet Europe purposely built an unprotected server and connected it to the Internet to determine how quickly it would be compromised. Their findings were astonishing:

    * The server was maliciously attacked 467 times in the first 24 hours

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    some interesting stuff, but would you realy submit your passwords to http://securitystats.com/tools/password.php to see how strong it is.

    What a great way to build up a list of passwords that people actually use

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