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    Seti@home type programs

    Does anyone know of any other project/programs like seti@home ?

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    What does Folding@Home do? Folding@Home is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases.
    From the same group as seti i believe.... **/me is seti user**

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    Don't forget BOINC.. the next generation.. currently you have Seti, climate

    BOINC-based distributed computing projects include:

    * Improve the accuracy of long-range climate prediction.
    * Einstein@home: search data from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO) in the US and from the GEO 600 gravitational wave observatory in Germany for signals coming from rapidly rotating neutron stars, known as pulsars.
    * LHC@home: improve the design of the CERN LHC particle accelerator.
    * Predictor@home: Solve biomedical questions of protein-related diseases.
    * SETI@home: Analyze radio-telescope data, looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life.
    find the BOINC SETI here:

    there is also Prime95

    It is good torture test for a new PC.. esp if testing for memory problems,,, it is also distributed computing project..
    check it out here:
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    There is a good listing of distributed computing projects listed here with requirements.

    It does not have links to their homepages on some projects, but you can google their name and you should be able to find them.

    Personally, I run Seti Classic and D20L on my machines. Both are good projects.
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    There is another one: sic@home

    ah yeah, and: yeti@home

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