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    Can I make a domain in windows 2000 server without using active directory?

    thanks in advance.

    Idea is I want to give static Ip's to each clients.

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    Yes, you can. To create a domain you dont even need a W2K server. You can do it with Linux.

    Originally posted here by rajunpl

    Idea is I want to give static Ip's to each clients.
    could you explain why DHCP or static addressing matters here? Sorry, i couldnt get your point.
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    Yes you can definitely make a domain without AD, but why would you want too except for some reason of backward compatibility with NT machines. Even then you can run "mixed mode" and still benefit from AD control and security. Like stated by cocasapo, the way you IP your machines has no effect on how you configure the domain.
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    W2K Server can connect to a NT Domain. Win2003 Server can connect to a NT Domain also.

    I think the question we want to ask is : Can I run Win2K Server without creating a domain? The answer is yes.
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    well what i get from his question is that as normally people do is first they creat AD and then DOMAIN and they are told that you cann't create the DOMAIN before AD. So far by the way i was also workin on the same theory i was also told that for creating a domain u need AD n for AD an NTFS partition n then u can go for that domain.
    I never try to make a DOmain without AD this is really good question i must check it.

    But rajunpl for static IP there is no restriction of AD or something like that you can give static ips to the clients within the spcified DOMAIN no harm in that.
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    Well my idea was to give static IP's to each clients in a small network. I used the AD to create domain. Now that, As far as I know, it will be called as a workgroup if we don't use AD.

    In linux machine I think workgroup=domain,unlike windows. Can it be possible to still use AD to control clients and have separate intenet connection to clients...

    sorry if I can't make you all understand, since I am beginners and a student.

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