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Thread: LPT tool

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    Lightbulb LPT tool

    Hi all,
    I'm writing a program that reads the parallel port, but I need some kind of software that simulates input to parallel port to test my program. I googled for such tool but can't find anything. If anybody knows some tool pls givea link or a name

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    Can you write something first to the parallel port, and then read it back? The tasks could be written in two separate programs (one for writing and one for reading), or in the same program.

    [hard way]
    Or you may want to go to the hard(ware) way... Source (or sink) one or more data pins to logic 1 (or 0) with a stable 5V power supply (or ground).
    [/hard way]

    Oh, and this kind of question should be posted to general programming section next time.

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    Theres an excellent phrack article on programming the parrellel port, have a look on there site in the archives.

    I think some of the inputs are bi-directional so you maybe able to write to some inputs that can act like outputs?

    What you trying to do with this? anything to do with dongles?

    It might be easy if youve got 2 computers to have one "fire" bits at the other though a specially made cable


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