Just another point to ponder thing I throw out mostly because of what I come across in IT as it is how I make a living but also the so called hunks of crap automated systems big people like AT&T oops VErsion, and other employ...cause they are so called cutting edge. I am hard of hearing I'm one 1/2 deaf so shoot me. Never mind the caller ID I have never Displays a company maybe because the number is out sourced over seas. But after some major events like the wife having a heart attack and though we were very well covered it took time for all the stuff we bought to kick in.

So we get automated calls caller ID = Out of Area, Unknown and a number we do not know, on unavaliable. Now you's thing a ligit company calling on a phone line knowing of this Teck called caller ID if up to and the software so damn hot I should be able to see who is calling. A quick check of the rules under the consumer collection act it is only a third party as in say Comcast contracts a third party do they have to abide by the fair collection and consimer act in reguard to payment. In short is your late on a bill the company can contact you as many times as they wish only a collection agency is bound buy any Consumer act.

I am not to the TTY stage in my hearing and only got enough from some voice response system that had a tone mostly out of my range. So be advised a first party collector can call your line 500 times in one day and you have no means to complin of harrassemt..

I'd say vote or do not bitch