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Thread: Cisco Centric Question - Increasing Port Density.. how?

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    Cisco Centric Question - Increasing Port Density.. how?


    First time here, so not sure if I can ask non-security related questions. However, the overall purpose is to install an IDS system on my college uplink.

    I have a Cisco 3550 12G running as a router for my college network, which aggregates the various networks, and provides an uplink to the university. Of the 10 fiber ports/2Copper ports, port 11 [Copper] provides the uplink.

    I also have a Cisco 3550 12T and I wanted to stack these two using Cisco GBICs to achieve higher port density. My goal was to free up one of the ports on the 12G switch, so that I can use that for port mirroring the college uplink

    However, my questions [at the moment] are around stacking the two layer 3 devices. How do I do that? I inserted the GBICs into slots, but is there any CLI configuration? ALso, does such stacking allow configuration commands to affect both devices, i.e., would the two devices act as one Layer 3 switch?

    And just to know what I'm talking about when I talk bout the GBIC for stacking, its this one:

    Thanks a lot if anyone can help out.

    Danke Schoen


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    Most llikely you can just connect them and everything will be cool, but it all depends how they are configured. Ciscos usually behave as one would expect by default (aka dumb switch) Do they have a CLI??Sure, its called IOS check out the Cisco site for some docs being as its huge and more than I can begin to explain. Will it act like one layer 3 switch? No, it will act like 2 switches connected together, each can be configured using IOS. There is a Cisco tool to let you admin the switches (somewhat) through HTTP if you have IOS 12 or > on it as well as the Cisco Network Assistant, but the way I always did it was with a laptop,a serial cable and Kermit. Enjoy.

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    Thanx for your input Maestro. Pretty much new to Cisco.. or networking for that matter, so guess I should actually get some serious reading done before posting questions.

    Again, thanks


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    Hey Lui,
    yes there is configuration required depending on what you want to do, you will have to do some reading. When stacking is enabled, note the extra number for interfaces which indicates the stack number -- fa1/0/1 stack/slot/port

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