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Thread: A little halloween story (techy style)

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    A little halloween story (techy style)


    Kinda reads like a standard incident until you get to the end. I dunno, got a good smile from it

    Maybe I amuse too easily.
    There is only one constant, one universal, it is the only real truth: causality. Action. Reaction. Cause and effect...There is no escape from it, we are forever slaves to it. Our only hope, our only peace is to understand it, to understand the 'why'. 'Why' is what separates us from them, you from me. 'Why' is the only real social power, without it you are powerless.

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    That was a fun story, well worth the read
    A mind full of questions has no room for answers

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    I was going through some old Cds today and came across my copy of RedHat 5.2 (and SuSe6).....I guess they date back to 1999?

    Now that is some coincidence........................?

    EDIT ............yep, a freebie with PC Magazine May 1999

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